Respecting Our Ancestors

“Son, pack up your gear, get the tent…it’s time to go camping!” – This, or versions of this, can be heard around the country all year round.  People love to go camping, to get outside, to be one with nature.

What an unbelievable slap in the face to our ancestors this is!  Our ancestors actually had to live out in huts and tents and fend off wild animals and not because they chose to, but because they had to.  That was as good as it got back then.  They had no air conditioning, no sturdy housing – camping was not camping to them – it was living!

And do you know why these people slaved outside in pieced together huts all day?  To one day provide a better life for their children who would provide a better life for their children and so on. 

Do you know what those ancestors would say if they saw their modern day relatives going outside and camping, “Fuck! What the fuck? Have humans not made any advancements in the last 3,000 years?!  Wait, it looks like every other human being is living in huge houses with air conditioning and fences – what is wrong with my future generations?  I knew my son was a little slow, but this?  Oh, no, wait – don’t tell me they own a real house and are choosing to live like that?!  Fuck! – what a slap in the face!”

Is there any good reason to go camping?  NO!  Humans spent many, many generations figuring out the best way to not be one with nature and get out of the woods.  Why would we take all their hard work and throw it back in their face.

On the same note, I despise people who take hallucinogenic mushrooms for the same reason.  No, I couldn’t care less that it’s a “drug” or a hallucinogenic – just that our poor ancestors spent their whole lives trying to avoid this type of food.  Doing everything they could to prevent eating it because I’m sure it drove them to hallucinate and say things like, “Oh, I’m probably just imagining that tiger over there, here kitty, kitty.”  And really, who wants that to be your last words.

There are a couple other items that pseudo fall under this category, like gardening – however, with gardening you do end up with an end product.  You do grow a tomato and use it so it is not on the same level as camping and mushrooms. 

I can’t think of any others that bother me so much right now, feel free to leave other things that fall under this category or, if you feel lucky, try to defend camping.  I would ask you to defend mushrooms as well, but I have a hunch whoever tries to defend them might not make sense.


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