A Bird in the Hand

Now, here is a situation and I would like to discuss the best means of handling it. 

I had just parked my car.  I had to bring a ton of stuff into my apartment so I loaded all of it into my hands.  I had to make a phone call, so before my hands were entirely full I made the call and held the phone between my ear and my shoulder.  So, here I am hands full, head tilted walking from my car to my apartment. 

I reach an intersection just a handful of seconds after a car pulled up to the stop sign.  Technically, they should have driven through first and I should have waited until they drove off and then crossed the street – however, this gentleman gave me the go ahead to cross in front of him since I was carrying a ton of stuff, nice guy. 

As I’m crossing the street I want to acknowledge the nice thing the guy did.  I didn’t want to be that jerk who he lets cross the street then I don’t even show him that I appreciated his gesture.  But here’s the conundrum – ordinarily a hand wave would be perfect here.  Hand wave, a smile, and a mouthed, “thank you” make that.  But my hands were full.  So when this happens a head nod, smile, and a mouthed, “thank you” is generally acceptable.  However, I have my head tilted down because I’m on the phone and I can’t risk dropping my phone.  So as I reached the middle of the street I stopped, shuffled some things around in my hands so that I could muster up a free right hand to wave to the guy to show him how grateful I was.  As I am waving I am looking at the guy and he proceeds to honk his horn and motion with his hand for me to get out of the road, out of his way.  That Jerk!

I was just trying to not be rude and the guy has the nerve to honk at me.  When I got back to my apartment I relayed this story to my roommate.  He disagreed with my stance.  He is under the impression that it was my duty to get across the street as fast as possible since somebody had willingly let me go before them.  His thought was that in that situation it is understood that I would thank the driver if I could and since I could not that I have to get across as fast as possible.  I disagreed and said that somebody in that situation should stop and acknowledge the driver.

This is a tough one.  Any thoughts/comments on this are appreciated.


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